Month: October 2014

I was brainstorming with my daughter in law, Amanda, to figure out what to make for her new daughter, Olivia, for Christmas. I suddenly remembered a Christmas Wreath I had made in the past out of shiny Christmas Balls in pastel colors. It was very pretty.

Wreath made from pinks and other pastels

Amanda couldn’t picture in her head pastel colors for Christmas, so I did a quick Google image search for pastel Christmas decorations, and I found this photo.

Pastel Tree Ornament


Amanda showed the photo to Olivia and said she “cooed” over it, so that became the inspiration for this dress.  It took a bit of searching to find embroidery patterns for Christmas in pastel shades.  The ones I found are very cute, and fit the dress perfectly.

Pastel Christmas Dress Embroidery


I also wanted to do something different with the skirt, so instead of a regular skirt on a yoke dress, I made a 2 layer skirt with pointed handkerchief hem.   The top layer is pastel green and the bottom layer is pastel pink.  They are positioned opposite each other so you can see the corners or points in the skirt.  The embroidery on the skirt is just on the points.


Embroidery on skirt
Embroidery on skirt










I am very pleased with the results.  It is a very cute and different dress.

Pastel Christmas Dress

I had made a blue handkerchief linen suit with bunny applique for Teddy when he was a baby, and I really liked that pattern a lot, so I decided to make the same suit for my granddaughter, Olivia, and my great-niece, Kinlee. These were all made from the Hooded Baby Coat and Pants pattern by Kari Mecca.


Olivia's Pink Linen Suit
Olivia’s Pink Linen Suit

Olivia’s suit was embroidered with Heirloom Roses and Lily of the Valley embroidery from Sonia Showalter Designs.

Olivia's Suit
Olivia’s Suit
Kinlee's Suit
Kinlee’s Suit

Kinlee’s suit was embroidered with Lambs, Bunnies and a Duckling.

Kinlee's Suit
Kinlee’s Suit
Kinlee's Suit
Kinlee’s Suit

The cute duckling was embroidered on the toe of the outfit.

Kinlee's Outfit
Kinlee’s Outfit