Every little boy needs a suit with fireworks for Independance day, right? I found a really cute embroidery pattern that was various fireworks hanging on a clothesline. I also had some real cute fabric that was like a seersucker ticking, and the two combined to make a really cute suit for Teddy for Independance Day 2013.

Rocket Clothesline

I used a pattern from Sew Beautiful that was from a vintage romper pattern. Unlike most boy”s rompers which are one piece, this romper pattern has a bodice separate from the bottom.

Vintage Liberty Romper Pattern

The Sew Beautiful pattern had been modified for a girl and included 3 box pleats in the romper, and cap sleeves, but I thought that would be too much fulness for a boy”s romper, so I just included one box pleat in the front and no sleeves. It turned out really cute.

Cute Independance Day Romper