My newest grandchild, Olivia, was born on July 8, so now I have another little girl to sew for, yea!! There is just only so much stuff you can sew for boys. Olivia’s family is not catholic, so there will be no christening, but they do have a dedication ceremony at her church for new babies. They just don’t wear the great big elaborate dresses like they do for a christening. I decided I wanted to make her a very special dress, though, just not quite as long as a normal christening dress, so I modified a christening gown pattern to make it shorter.

The pattern is the “Christening Gown Ensemble” from Martha Pullen Company, and was originally designed for Martha Pullen’s grandchild.

Christening Gown Ensemble Booklet

The original pattern includes embroidered panels and lace shaping panels, divided by joined lace panels.  I modified the pattern by making only 4 lace panels and 4 embroidered panels, and shortened it considerably.  The lace panels are made by joining the lace and attaching to a dissolving stabilizer.

Beginning the lace panels
A completed Lace Panel
Almost completed Lace Panel

I used the Trinity Cross embroidery pattern for 2 of the panels, and a lace shaping oval with embroidery added in and around it for the other 2 panels. The embroidery panels include a double row of twin needle pintucks around the perimeter.

Completed Embroidery Panel - Trinity Cross Pattern
Embroidered panel attached to 2 lace panels, start of the skirt

I added embroidery to the short puffed sleeves, and embroidery and lace inserts on the bodice.

Embroidered Sleeve
Bodice with embroidery and lace insertion

The dress turned out fabulous, it is hard to see how beautiful it is in photos.

Finished Dress
Finished Dress