Month: July 2013

After recovering the executive chair

Side View
Rear View

I then decided to recover the side chair that originally had a golden damask type cover

Seat portion done
Completed Chair

Then I tackled the table/desk next.  I was currently using a folding cafeteria type table, but wanted to have something a little nicer, so I purchased a pretty carved wooden desk to use, and had glass custom cut to cover the surface and protect it.

Carved wood desk

The remainder of the decorating consisted of baskets purchased to hang on the wall to contain various items, patterns, notions, etc.

Finished Look

I love my sewing room now.

I am adding this entry more for my sake than for any other reason. Because some of my grandchildren are toddler”s, I have to apply snap tape to the crotch of their garments often, and I forget how I got it to work from one time to the next, so I took photos and a video last time to add it here to refer to later. I used the zipper foot, 4D, and moved the needle to the far left position so the snaps would be to the left of the presser foot.

Zipper Foot 4D
Pin Between Snaps

My granddaughter, Hope, spent two weeks with us this summer, and one of the things she wanted to do while she was at our home was to begin to learn to sew. We looked through quite a few beginner easy type patterns to find something for her to try and she decided she wanted to make a poncho. We purchased the pattern and a pretty fleece fabric to use for the poncho.

Simplicity Poncho Pattern 2301

I have never sewn with fleece before, and it turned out more difficult to work with than I had anticipated. If I had known fleece was that difficult to sew with, I would have done something different for her first time, but hind sight is always 20-20, right?

Cutting out the Fabric
Learning to Sew

At any rate, we got it done, her sewing some and me sewing some. We even embroidered her name on the pocket on the front in a real cute font. She was very happy with the result, and it looked real cute on her.

Looks Cute!

My granddaughter, Hope, is getting too old for frilly girly dresses, but I had a pattern for a little more sophisticated girls dress that I wanted to make her for Easter. I showed her a photo and she liked it so I made her the Mary and Morgan Young Miss Dress from Sew Beautiful/Martha Pullen.

Mary and Morgan Young Miss Pattern

The pattern shows the dress in all white, but Hope wanted teal embroidery, so I made the embroidery in teal and made the under dress in teal as well to show through the fine white Nelona used for the dress.

Detail of Embroidery from the Mary’s Graduation Dress Embroidery CD from Martha Pullen
The Completed Dress


My newest grandchild, Olivia, was born on July 8, so now I have another little girl to sew for, yea!! There is just only so much stuff you can sew for boys. Olivia’s family is not catholic, so there will be no christening, but they do have a dedication ceremony at her church for new babies. They just don’t wear the great big elaborate dresses like they do for a christening. I decided I wanted to make her a very special dress, though, just not quite as long as a normal christening dress, so I modified a christening gown pattern to make it shorter.

The pattern is the “Christening Gown Ensemble” from Martha Pullen Company, and was originally designed for Martha Pullen’s grandchild.

Christening Gown Ensemble Booklet

The original pattern includes embroidered panels and lace shaping panels, divided by joined lace panels.  I modified the pattern by making only 4 lace panels and 4 embroidered panels, and shortened it considerably.  The lace panels are made by joining the lace and attaching to a dissolving stabilizer.

Beginning the lace panels
A completed Lace Panel
Almost completed Lace Panel

I used the Trinity Cross embroidery pattern for 2 of the panels, and a lace shaping oval with embroidery added in and around it for the other 2 panels. The embroidery panels include a double row of twin needle pintucks around the perimeter.

Completed Embroidery Panel - Trinity Cross Pattern
Embroidered panel attached to 2 lace panels, start of the skirt

I added embroidery to the short puffed sleeves, and embroidery and lace inserts on the bodice.

Embroidered Sleeve
Bodice with embroidery and lace insertion

The dress turned out fabulous, it is hard to see how beautiful it is in photos.

Finished Dress
Finished Dress