Month: September 2012

I decided to get a new office chair for my sewing room and wanted to get something feminine.  I am a girl, after all.  Initially I did some searching online for something feminine and was unable to find that, then I did a search for an executive desk chair from pink leather.  I found only a very few, and really no place to purchase them that was anywhere near practical.


I really wanted this Pink Leather Executive Chair

Back to the drawing board.  I then started searching for ways to make a chair more feminine, i.e. slip covers.  I did find quite a bit of info regarding slip covers for office chairs.

Jackie's Office Chair Slipcover Pattern,

Cool, I could take this idea and run with it.  It was then that I decided if I was going to spend that much time on a chair, I would just redecorate the whole sewing room.  It was, after all, pretty bland.

Boring, Bland sewing room - The Before Pic

And since I wanted feminine and girly, and this room is only for me, I decided I would do “shabby chic”.  YES!

Office chair was the first step.  Great Shabby chic fabric on Ebay, here we go.

Seat Recovered

There really is no pattern for this, just made to fit based on those photos.  Seat was first, then I took the arm pads off and covered those as well.  That was the easy half, now for the top, a little tougher road ahead.

All done, feminine slip cover for executive chair

I think it turned out pretty good, and I added a monogramed “M” on the top part of the seat.   Check back for more on the redecoration.